First aid for burns

First aid for burns

burns is a serious problem that may happen any time and at any place, so you should be trained enough to deal with this condition.

First, what is the burn?
burn is a tissue destruction produced by contact with a heat source like direct flames and boiling water, still burns induced by corrosive chemicals, electricity, and radioactivity.

What should you do for burned one as a first aid?
first aid is a care contribute to save the patient alive and prevent worsening the condition and in burning situation you should do some steps to achieve first aids.
  1. assure your safety: Helping someone not means be in danger, but safe yourself and safe him. So, first of allbe assured that you aren’t in danger then you can start your work.
  2. Stop further burning: Turn off electricity source, turn off the flames, call for help.
  3.  remove the casualty from the dangerous area.
  4.  Determine the type of burn:
You should check if the burn is a minor or a major one. Then you can initiate treatment as each type needs different precautions.
How can you defer between burn types:
there is two types of burn according to severity, which are: major burn and minor burn; each has a different character.
Major burn character:

  •  deep
  •  skin is leathery and dry
  •  larger than 3 inches in diameter or smaller but cover the head, feet, hands or genitals.
  • The skin may vary from white and lifeless to black and charred.
  • painless and it’s a life-threatening burn.

Minor burn character:

  •  Mild to severe pain
  •  for first-degree burns: skin is red, dry, warm, sensitive to touch, and swelling may occur.
  • for second-degree burns: skin is red, blistered, oozing and looks spotted and, swilling often occurs.

First aid for major burn:

  1. Check the breathing and if you found the breathing have been stoppedstart to do rescue breathing.
  2.  As skin in the burned area is subject to swelling rabidly, remove any restrictive objects such as jewelry and belts from the victim’s body.
  3. Use clean water to moist clean cloth and cover the burned area with it.
  4. Use sterile, nonadhesive bandages to separate fingers and toes if the burn is at hands or feet.
  5. call 911 and ask for help. 
  6.  Avoid breathing or coughing on the burn, as it may contaminate it.
  7. Avoid usage of any ointments or home remedies.
  8.  Don’t put ice on the burned area.

First aid for minor burn:

  1. put the burn under cool, running water for about 20 minutes.
  2. Also, as swelling may occur rabidly, start to remove jewelry and attached items as fast as you can.
  3. blisters that contain water is considered as an infection isolator that protects the burn so, don’t try to break it. In case of breaking, clean the burn and apply an antibiotic ointment.
  4. It’s good to use a moisturizing lotion to avoid drying out.
  5. Use sterile gauze to bandage the burned area and avoid using cotton for this purpose.