Diet foods are quick to prepare

Diet foods are quick to prepare

Diet foods 

Diet foods are low-calorie foods that suit high-weight people and help them lose weight. Searching for ready-made diet foods is not an easy matter, even though some restaurants have begun to provide this command upon request, but to create your own diet foods is a beautiful thing, despite the hardships it may appear on the face of it.

Are you ready to sail with us for your special diet recipes? Let's go to the kitchen together

Diet foods easy to prepare

When we talk about weight loss, we begin to talk about changing habits we have been following for long periods of our life. A change in eating style means a change in shopping style, a change in setting times and method, and a change in everything.

A healthy diet

That is why when we start looking for easy-to-prepare diet foods, we first have to provide all the requirements of those foods from the market, what comes next is the easiest step. are you ready

Search your fridge and kitchen shelves, and see the contents, if it contains vegetables, fruits, and meat. Explain us to the next step, which is preparation. Otherwise, you are still stuck in the first step, which is to get rid of all ready-made cans, fast food, and get off shopping. Rate yourself, then follow the following lines

 Shrimp with pasta

Cook a small bowl of pasta and set it aside. Then prepare a sauce of celery leaves and parsley, by grinding it well, adding some garlic, adding a spoon of white tahini with salt and mixing it well. The next step is to add the pasta to the pasta, mix them and place them in the serving dish

Diet food

Prawns or shrimps are placed after being leveled on the previous plate. If you want the prawns to gain some color, stir them in a tablespoon of olive oil, or put some light spices on them. This meal can be used as a lunch or dinner in a healthy diet or protein diet. But it is important that it is taken before eight in the evening

  Turkish scrolls

It is a thin chicken breast that some vegetables are put in and then wrapped well and stirred in a spoonful of olive oil, it does not take long to cook. It is easy to take anywhere. It is a low-calorie food. Suitable for those who follow a protein diet

Fruit Salad or Trail Mix

It is a salad made from fresh fruits, and some of your dried fruits can be kept and mixed with a spoonful of nuts. This plate is rich in benefits, vitamins, and is quick to prepare and can be made with any kind you are present with. It is suitable for point system, protein diet and some other healthy diet

Diet food

  Pepper Pizza

This type without flour, but comes with grains of large white pepper, and you slice them in half and remove the seeds from them, and then you mix the ingredients you want, whether tuna, eggs, cheese, or any other kind

The ingredients are placed inside the peppercorns and stacked in the tray, then put into the oven and left for 5-10 minutes, depending on the component that was placed on its surface. Then take it out and eat it after it cools down a little

This type is easy to prepare, it can be prepared in advance and put in the refrigerator and eat cold or slightly heated before eating

 Vegetables and yogurt

Put the yogurt in a bowl and chop some turkey or cucumber, mix it with yogurt, add salt, and any sweet flavor such as cumin or thyme.

  Yogurt with fruit

Diet food

Cut the granulated fruit, whether bananas, strawberries, or any suitable fruit, and place it with yogurt, without adding sugar. If it is necessary, you can add a tablespoon of honey