Ways to help to slim the abdomen

Ways to help to slim the abdomen

Abdominal slimming is the removal of rumen and tightening of sagging due to the accumulation of fat in the abdominal area

 And slimming the abdomen is necessary not only for the general appearance but also because the accumulation of fat in the abdominal area increases the possibility of a person being exposed to diseases. That is why a person should now start slimming the abdomen and slimming the rumen to avoid problems in the future

How belly fat accumulates

Everyone has fat on their stomach. Even those who have a flat stomach, but the accumulation of fat on the abdomen is not healthy at all.

The accumulation of fat deepens until it wraps around your internal organs: the liver, lungs, and other organs

What happens if stomach fat accumulates

The person's infection rate increases with many diseases, and also, the more weight you gain the more the body begins to store fat in unusual areas.

As a result, some diseases begin to emerge, including

Type 2 diabetes

Heart diseases

Cancer: such as breast and colon cancer



And other diseases

How do I know what I have fat

There are two types of fats, one that affects even skinny people who eat more harmful foods and accumulate visceral fat.

 It is fat around the internal organs. These fats are only known through MRI or CT scans

But you can always monitor your weight by using a meter like the tailors use, wrap it around the waist, if the size exceeds 90 cm for women, it needs to walk on the diet for slimming the abdomen, while men if it is more than 102, they need to slim the abdomen

Abdominal slimming

Abdominal fat is an apparent primary measure of the presence of internal visceral fat in the organs

 But it must be said that if your buttocks scale is greater than your waist size or you have a pear shape, then the risk is less than if you have a higher waist circumference than the circumference of the buttocks, i.e. the shape of an apple

To ensure that the correct measurement is taken, you should stand upright on your feet, then firmly stretch your shoulders, place the meter on your stomach at the navel level, and then take the measurement without tightening the abdomen.

Abdominal slimming methods

Outdoor walking

Even skinny people need exercise to tighten the abdomen, and prevent the build-up of internal visceral fat and external fat, the more a person is lazy and less mobile the more his waist starts to increase. If this does not happen, at least the internal fat will increase

Healthy diet

Therefore walking at least 30 minutes in at least 5 days a week prevents fat build-up. Walking improves the heartbeat, especially if some sweating occurs with brisk walking. When we say walking here, we do not mean walking with the intention of hiking, but walking is fast-paced, which aims to slim and tight the abdomen.

2. Walk the gym

Walking on the device differs from outdoor walking because in the sports device you can activate the moderate activity feature, that is, accelerate the walk so that you have to exert more effort. Here, you can limit yourself to a sport that does not exceed 30 minutes in just three days a week.

3. Running

Running on straight roads or running on slopes works to tighten the muscles of the whole body and not just the abdomen, and it is a good idea to follow this method for 20 minutes at 4 days a week.

Weight loss

4. Health system

You are here looking for a healthy system to support exercise in slimming the abdomen, or a healthy system to remove the belly and laziness and not exercise. Both differ. The health regimen supported for sports has fewer calories than a health regimen without exercise

But in all cases, eating protein in the form of oats and milk in breakfast without using sugar, and then a meal of fruit does not exceed 90 calories at the time of the sacrifice, and a suitable lunch does not exceed 400 calories, and some fruit or curd with a spoon of chickpeas or its counterparts at dinner So that it does not exceed 300 calories

You will get a slim body and you will succeed in slimming the abdomen to the extent that you set for yourself